What really happens in a Student Exchange Program!

From the MAHE Dubai desk.

In a Student Exchange Program, college-going students spend 6 months to a year at one of the colleges abroad. The Exchange takes place between colleges that are affiliated to one another and part of a cluster for Student Exchange. A Student Exchange Program, at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, is just what is needed to help the student transcend cultural, language and geographical borders to reach new knowledge milestones. Traveling abroad to a foreign land, staying with a host family from that country, learning their way of living, learning to understand and speak their language, food habits, and traditions can be an enriching experience. Not to forget the learning opportunities it creates.

An international learning experience gives you a career head start

Students who successfully finish their Student Exchange Programs have a head start in their future studies and career. They gain a worldly perspective and a practical insight into classroom theory. Along with the opportunity to study in an international setting, a Student Exchange Program exposes the student to life experiences, which a student would perhaps miss out on if he stayed in his comfort zone, his home. Students are required to adjust to different and sometimes strange situations, new rules and protocol, new lifestyles and a new culture. Students find that they have to make important decisions all the time. They gain a sense of independence that goes a long way in their future lives and careers.

How does a Student Exchange Program work?

Various colleges and Universities are part of a Student Exchange Program. The Student needs to research about this and interact with the college authorities to know more about how he can enroll for the program. This way he will be able to find out about the costs involved, the eligibility, the application procedure, and other important details. The college department in charge of the Student Exchange Program will also have information on the culture, food, language of the Exchange Program country. Once the student completes the procedure and the eligibility criteria, he can begin the Exchange Program. The department in his home country will at all times be in touch with the student and the host family to monitor the student’s comfort and progress.

A Student Exchange Program is a well-planned, tight-knit, closely monitored program. Every student who is ready to explore the world must go for a Student Exchange Program. This can be a stepping stone for international career opportunities in his journey from a student to a successful professional.