This is your MAHE life: the global melting pot!

Unity in diversity – that is the first impression one gets when one steps into the MAHE Dubai campus.

Many worlds converge at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai, a melting pot of cultures going for world-class education. At present, MAHE, Dubai enrolls over 1,500 students from 26 nations across the globe and is an Indian multi-disciplinary university in the region catering to 23 disciplines.

A meeting of different worlds in one University!

Students from 26 nations come to study at MAHE, Dubai. Each of these nations has different cultures, lifestyles, languages, cuisines, and perspectives. Some are as far apart as the North and South Pole, some are closer geographically but as far apart in living styles as chalk and cheese. But what is common is their passion for their discipline, their hunger for learning, their quest for a great career and their University. It’s a beautiful sight to behold as well! Students who look different, are dressed differently, speaking different languages, eating different food, but holding hands in one universal chain. You will see students sitting in one room, on one bench, in a group and chatting animatedly in a language they all understand – the language of brother (sister)hood, of youth, of careers and of dreams.

The global student exchange program on campus

While MAHE Dubai encourages student exchange programs, here is one student exchange program that takes place right on campus. Students from all over the world are seen exchanging notes, happiness, concerns, food, language, traditions and so many things.

Students develop empathy, sensitivity and the right attitude towards life

By staying together for 2 years or more, these different students develop empathy, sensitivity and the right attitude towards life and their University mates. They see, feel, experience and live in many new worlds. They imbibe the good and learn how to deal with the bad of the world. They make friends and family that is spread across the world. Students at MAHE, Dubai learn a lot just by being there together.

International head-start to their career

By learning about how industry and business happen in different parts of the world, students know how to study and fulfill their ambitions in different parts of the world.  They understand practices, processes and business cultures from across the world and get an opportunity to choose from an array of career choices across geographies. This gives them a head start in international subjects and business, which helps them in their careers.

In addition, students also are exposed to the arts, crafts, traditions, lifestyles of other regions. This makes them well-rounded personalities fit for today’s global markets.

The Cultural and Educational Immersion Program  – a great beginning

As part of our initiative to cater to international students and to enhance their overall experience at MAHE, Dubai Campus, we have set up the International Students Centre. The purpose of it is to provide additional support for our existing International Students and to assist newly arrived International Students to adapt to university life at MAHE, Dubai Campus. We also have the Cultural and Educational Immersion Program – A comprehensive program offering International Students, a uniquely intimate and profound experience through seminars, field trips to local businesses, guest speakers, guided cultural tours and more. The program unfolds in two stages: a comprehensive Orientation & Education Phase followed by a Cultural Immersion Phase. The Orientation & Education Phase activities help you to develop a deeper understanding about the nuances of living, working and understanding UAE from a multi-program point of view. The Cultural Immersion Phase takes you on a journey to pursue the quest for cultural knowledge that prevails in Dubai and exposing you to more intimate learning and cultural sharing opportunities.

“We are different in so many ways and yet similar in many ways” – That in one sentence that echoes student sentiment in MAHE Dubai!