This is your MAHE life: Dubai

Every student aims at a good education no doubt; but at the same time, s(he) is also aiming for a good place where s(he) receives that education. Students choose Universities but they also choose cities they want to study in.

Cities that are knowledge hubs become a natural and preferred choice. Dubai is one such knowledge hub that is rapidly and steadily rising as one of the world’s most advanced knowledge and innovation hubs. MAHE – Dubai thus makes for a wonderful knowledge destination for any discipline students may want to pursue.

What makes Dubai the preferred destination for students from across the world?

Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City: Free-zones for educational institutes

The Knowledge Village and the Dubai International Academic City are situated in a Free zone that is an especially dedicated free-zone for education in Dubai. The Knowledge Village was launched in 2003 as the destination for learning excellence. The growing knowledge-based community required an additional facility and the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) was launched in 2007.

The DIAC is an18 million square foot campus with state-of-the-art facilities.  Both, the Knowledge Village and the DIAC are free trade zones that focus on the promotion of educational organizations. Together, both house some of the premier growth-oriented universities from Belgium, Canada, Iran, India, Pakistan, Ireland, UK, Russia, and Australia. According to a study, the U.A.E. is seen as the fourth most attractive education destination for students seeking to pursue their studies abroad.  Currently, DIAC has 21 of the U.A.E.’s 37 International Branch Campuses from 11 countries with a capacity for hosting nearly 20,000 students from 137 nationalities.  DIAC students also have access to over 400 higher education programs.

The world’s top Universities and Institutes are here.

Dubai is a fertile ground for education and well known, established and respected Universities and Institutes have opened their branches in Dubai. Today, there are more than 80 universities, colleges, and higher institutes admitting over 110,000 students in Dubai. Among leading global universities from the U.S. and Europe include:  New York University (NYU), Paris-Sorbonne University, American University of Dubai (AUD), American University of Sharjah (AUS), New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Dubai), British University, Canadian University, Waterloo University, and Wollongong University among many others.  From India, you have Manipal University Dubai. We have a center of excellence in the engineering areas, providing industry-oriented quality education and training to students along with several other popular and growing disciplines. The courses are structured to establish linkage and partnerships with industry.

From across the world, companies set up their branches and centers here taking advantage of the growing talent pool in Dubai. The academia-industry partnership is seen in one of its best growth phases here.

Cross-disciplinary education

Dubai is a knowledge hub and welcomes education of multiple disciplines on its turf – from science to technology to innovation; from healthcare to advanced research in healthcare; from Biomed to biotech; from fashion to media to humanities; from basic education to higher education up to a doctorate level. Dubai has dedicated free-zones for several disciplines such as healthcare, technology, innovation and more. There are also many training centers that help the business fraternity to upskill with advanced training programs and facilities.

Top class work opportunities

World-class companies, multinationals of repute and homegrown big names all have an office here. In addition, there are many companies who set up their excellence, knowledge, research and innovation centers here. Free-zones helps in these endeavors. This creates world-class job opportunities for the student base growing in Dubai.

Global work culture

Dubai is a world-city. Here, people from all over the world find a home for several years. You see different nationals converge here and co-exist in harmony. While this gives rise to different pockets of cultures, it also creates a wonderful mosaic – a global culture, for the global citizens. This helps students feel one with the whole world, which goes on to make them comfortable working in different work cultures across the world.

Dubai is a congregation of the best of the environment, facilities, and opportunities for learning excellence. MAHE Dubai makes available all of these to its students.