The MAHE Life: Food, music and dance

The new generation needs more than classroom teaching and books to develop into successful individuals. The world that we live and work in today requires professionals to be well-rounded personalities and not just high academic performers. While IQ (Intellectual Quotient) retains its importance, EQ (Emotional Quotient) is also gaining ground as an asset in corporate world hiring. For EQ to develop, students need the other must-haves of their lives – food, music, dance, arts and leisure which is food for their soul.

At MAHE Dubai, students enjoy this to their heart’s content.

Being a residential institute, we at MAHE Dubai know that for 2 years or more, this is going to be ‘home’ for our students. So, we have created a campus that becomes their comfort zone when they are away from home; this way, their performance in every aspect of life is good. Students from 26 nations of the world come to MAHE Dubai with stars in their eyes and we help them play with those ‘stars’ and help them realize their dreams.

Food for the soul

Being a melting pot of cultures, Dubai has people from different counties living here. Hence, students find food from across the world here. Wherever they hail from, students are never going to feel homesick for their native food. Campus food presents healthy, tasty and diverse choices at its Food Court and Cafeteria. Students can enjoy vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options at highly subsidized rates. Menus change daily giving the students ample variety and choice. Western and Indian dining options are available. In addition, a wide selection of healthy juices and snacking options are available to students at the Food Court. The Food Court also hosts a small convenience store with a selection of beverages, packaged food and vending machines for coffee, tea and other options.

Clubs, Art, Entertainment, Philanthropy

Music, dance, and art is food for the soul for this generation; the earphones in every second pair of ears is proof enough. Students need their daily dose of these to feel complete. It is their feel-good factor, we have realized. So, we have here, several vibrant students managed clubs and associations on campus – the Dramatics Club, Dance & Music Club, Sports Club, and Philanthropic Activities Club. The University also has an elected Student Council which coordinates the activities of the clubs and associations. In addition, there are several program-related clubs such as the Student Chapter of IEEE (Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers), SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers), etc.

Dubai is a symphony of the traditional and modern. Traditional arts and crafts live here with as much flourish as modern art does. Students can learn arts and crafts that their heart fancies and add a feather to their caps with one more skill set. Arts and crafts help students to appreciate beauty, respect hard work and learn patience. Dubai also has many music and dance, art, theatre destinations, where students can plug into their favorite interests and celebrate life. Movies, live concerts, theatre, performances from chartbuster artistes – entertainment is always at hand so students never feel deprived.

For all those who thought MAHE Dubai is purely about academics, need to read more about us and see how life for a student of MAHE Dubai is. We wouldn’t be surprised if parents of students also want to come and do a learning stint here on campus. We would love to have you over for coffee on campus when you are in Dubai next. We look forward!