The 5 exciting career options after a Bachelor in Science from MAHE, Dubai

The best part of choosing science as your graduation stream is that you have a number of choices for your Master’s. Science and tech still works like a charm and with strong fundamentals, the sky is the limit for a great career. In most parts of the world, there is now an emphasis on innovation and innovators are the blue-eyed boys and girls of the industry, the Government and the people. Innovation in science and technology (in IT and non-IT both) can not only impact industry and businesses but it can impact lives and help in making our lives better.

Feel proud therefore, if you are a science student.

Now, let’s look at post-graduate options for you.

Here are the 5 exciting options in science after graduation.

  1. Sc. (Master of Science): The most obvious and logical choice after B.Sc. is M.Sc. You can choose your filed and typically, students choose the field in which they have done their B.Sc. M.Sc. opens doors for further studies like Ph.D., research work as also some good job opportunities.
  2. MBA / Master of Business: MBA is a natural choice for science graduates just as it is for graduates from other streams. You can still have your graduation subject in your MBA as there are many institutes that offer an MBA with specialization in science subjects like hospital management, laboratory management, and IT management. The best of both worlds – MBA + Science. Go for it!
  3. MCA / Master of Computer Application: With the demand for IT going through the roof and applicable in every possible field there is, MCA is a career of choice for many B.Sc. students. It is also a lucrative career option and students can expect to bag good jobs if they perform well in their post-graduation work.
  4. Ed. / Bachelor of Education: Teaching is a noble profession and many students who wish to teach their favorite subjects can go for B.Ed. and then M.Ed. after their B.Sc. B.Ed. teaches students the different techniques of pedagogy that helps in improving teaching methods, teaching aids and improves student learning.
  5. Technical short-term courses: In the world where skill education is assuming as much importance as degree programs, the technical short-term course for a B.Sc. student is an excellent choice as well. Students can take up courses in IT – like SAP, JAVA, SQL, .NET; or financial accounting, PGDM with various specializations and others.


A job after B.Sc. works well too.

Some of you may even want to gather some work experience before you do your post-graduation in science. For you too, there are plenty of options enlisted below. Jobs in Health Care Providers, jobs in Space Research Institutes, in Agriculture, Pharma and Biotech, in the Oil industry, in Testing Labs, research companies, Forensic Crime Research, Forest Services, in Education, in Industrial Labs, in Wastewater Plants, Wildlife and Fishery. Marine Departments, Aquariums, Seed and Nursery Companies, Hospitals, Environmental Management and Conservation, Food institutes, in the Chemical industry, in Geological Survey departments and others.

Whatever it is you choose, it is important to have your fundamentals and core concepts in place for getting the University of your dreams or for bagging your dream job.

At MAHE-Dubai, we have a plethora of streams you can choose after your graduation in science like M.Sc. – Information Science, Medical Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Human Genetics; MTech. – Construction Engineering and Management, Digital Electronics and Advanced Communication, Engineering Management, Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, PG Diploma in Corporate Communications, PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply chain Management; MBA and MBA (Global Business).

Write to us how you can go about applying to any of the above postgraduate programs in science.

Keep learning! We, wish you all the best!