Learn the art, science and business of Interior Design.

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Interior Design is about planning and designing a space to strike a beautiful balance between aesthetics, functional utility and efficiency. The space is a reflection of an individual who will utilize that space. It is a reflection of the person’s tastes, lifestyle, activities done in that space, aspirations, roots and even values. And last but not the least it is about an image they are trying to project and create.

Interior design professionals are quite in demand by households, individuals, offices, factories, showrooms, stores, you name it! Armed with good qualification, education, knowledge and experience, the sky is the limit for success in this field.

The Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) Course at MAHE Dubai and what it offers

A four-year course at MAHE Dubai that comes with a strong business foundation.

The four years are planned to cover every single detail about Interior Design in steps.

  • Year 1: Make the foundation strong

The course starts with a foundation in art, design theory, drafting, computer graphics and basic applications and enhancement of creative skills.

  • Year 2: Let’s ‘Tech’ it seriously!

Then the focus is on technical skills including rendering, construction techniques, specifications and quantities, computer aided design and space planning.

  • Year 3: Preparing the ground for success

Next is the stage where students are prepared for the work-place through specialized and research-oriented subjects like design dissertation, design and project management, professional practice and preparing design portfolios.

Students also learn to prepare working drawings and specifications for non-load-bearing interior construction, materials, finishes, space planning, furnishings, fixtures and equipment. They learn to collaborate with licensed practitioners who offer professional services in the technical areas of mechanical, electrical and load bearing design as required for regulatory approval. They master the art of preparing and administering bids and contract documents as the clients’ agents.

  • Year 4: Training for a bright future!

The last year is dedicated to training students in advanced technological skills needed for specialty interior typologies through design thesis, electives and professional training.

The Program offers two specializations in the Third Year

  1. Business Management
  2. Product Design

Careers for graduates in Interior Design.

There are bright days ahead for the MAHE Dubai graduates in Interior Design with several jobs beckoning you to prove yourself in. The end of the course places graduates on the threshold of endless possibilities. Go ahead and tick off the one that is best-suited for you:

  • Interior Designer / Consultant for Residential and Commercial or Industrial Design
  • Facilities Manager and Facility Developer, Event Manager
  • Space planner
  • Designer in department stores and retail outlets
  • Product Designer in lighting and furnishings
  • Sales Person in Real Estate Marketing
  • Specialized Designer / Consultant for Furniture Design & Interior utilities

If you have an eye and a flair for interior design and want to make it your business to enter the field, please do get in touch with us on admissions@manipaldubai.com.