How do we at MAHE Dubai, make sure of your career development?

Career development begins much before you step into your first job. It starts right when you are in college. With competition looking more and more ferocious everywhere in the world, students need to be armed with the right education, skills and practical experience required to carve a niche in the workplace. Placement centers or placement departments are passé now and are being replaced by career development centers.

MAHE Dubai has always been ahead of the times and for us, the career development of our students is the priority.

We have a full-fledged Career Development Centre (CDC) with a dedicated team in place to take ahead its Vision and Mission. The MAHE CDC takes care of student development from a career perspective, right from developing career awareness, preparation, personality development, internship opportunities and job placements for students who register for career development services.

Developing career awareness

Students can feel lost and overwhelmed with all the information and advice out there in the world. The MAHE CDC helps students by decluttering the information overload, making them aware of the different career streams available and also helping them choose their best fit. By exposing students to different career streams and holding discussions and talks on various careers, MAHE CDC helps students make a good career choice.

Preparing for the real world

Campus life and the real world are poles apart. MAHE Dubai steps in here to help students bridge the gap much before they actually step into the real world. Career preparation includes upskilling, polishing, one-on-one grooming and mentoring sessions and raising-the-bar on knowledge through a series of expert sessions. This may also include mock interviews and real-world scenario handling that can prepare students to face the real world.

Internship and placement assistance and guidance

One of the key roles played by the MAHE CDC is the internship and placement assistance. The CDC helps students with good, challenging and rewarding internship and final placement opportunities. Towards this end, the CDC searches for, coordinates with, prepares students for and helps them in connecting with the organizations looking for interns and recruits. MAHE CDC also suggest, mentors, counsels and helps students get the best fit in jobs. The dedicated team is continuously on the lookout for strategic partnerships with organizations where MAHE students can be placed. The CDC takes a long-term view of students’ careers and doesn’t just limit itself to finding them a job.

Deep and broad strategic partnerships with organizations

The CDC is proactive in forging strategic partnerships with deserving organizations that can place MAHE students. The team is always engaging with these organizations and building long-lasting relationships with them that are mutually beneficial.

Alumni – Bonds of success

MAHE is proud of its alumni. The CDC plays an active role in forming a strong alumni network furthering the already strong bond between the institute and the ex-students. This way, alumni in leadership and senior positions take an interest in developing future leaders from their alma mater, MAHE Dubai.

MAHE Dubai leaves no stone unturned to ensure that career development for its students is an active item on the agenda. You will always find that MAHE Dubai students are well placed and doing well in their careers.

The MAHE CDC lives up to its mandate of building the leaders of tomorrow, today on campus.