Facilities Designed to Enhance Student Life

Read how MAHE – Dubai values its students

Students need more than a well-structured course with a bright future from a reputed institute to decide to study from there. At MAHE-Dubai, we are well aware of what students need from an institute.

For MAHE-Dubai, students are the centre of our Universe; they are our raison d’être, our purpose. So, before we could give them a chance to study here, we studied them, their needs, dreams, wants, desires, lifestyle. And then designed the campus according to what we learned.

The MAHE-Dubai campus has comprehensive and well-integrated facilities that a student would need in his 2 to 4 years of living here.


Library Services – For imbibing knowledge that is key

Reading books and watching or listening to knowledgeable inputs on different topics teaches students a lot more than what they would learn in a classroom. That’s exactly what the Library seeks to do. Our Library provides general and curriculum related information, learning resources, facilities and systems to students and faculty to support the quality and standards of academic programs. The Library has a wide variety of educational and research material in all media, which goes beyond what is required for the programs.



IT Services– The backbone of knowledge 

IT is the backbone of an Educational Institute. With young students by the thousands, Institutes must have a modern, efficient, smooth IT backbone, systems, processes and people.  The MAHE-Dubai campus is designed to meet these needs. We have Computer Labs with advanced business software, peripheral and interactive terminals. A strong, capable wi-fi network helps students stay in touch with the world, trends, events and current affairs.


Sports – For developing a stronger mind and body

Sports builds not just stronger bodies and minds, but also stronger, well looked after, personalities. The MAHE-Dubai campus places equal importance on sports facilities just like we do on academics.

There are adequate and separate sports facilities for boys and girls in addition to an outdoor court for playing Basketball, Volleyball, Throw ball, Tennis and Handball. There is an athletics track, tennis courts, cricket nets and a mini-football field. In addition, there are separate recreation rooms for Boys & Girls which include snooker, foosball tables and table tennis tables. The University also hosts a state-of-the-art Gymnasium hosting the best of equipment for training and performance enhancement.

The MAHE-Dubai University’s sports team ranks amongst the best in the UAE, winning laurels in all major inter-university sports events. MAHE-Dubai encourages students and faculty to develop an interest in Sports.


Food and Cuisine – The taste of goodness

MAHE-Dubai offers a variety of food rich in taste and health, to its students. Students can choose from a plethora of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Healthy snacks and juices are available for the health aficionados, while a range of popular food dishes are also available. The Food Court has a convenience store for daily essentials and a vending machine for coffee and tea and the like. So that students enjoy eating, there is a daily menu change that offers food that suits students from across the world at subsidized rates.


Student Services – Expect the best Counsel!

A full time Student Services Officer is present on campus throughout the academic year to support students in their academic and personal development. The Student Services Officer is qualified to provide counselling and guidance services. In addition, a Career Services & Guidance Counsellor is also present to handle students’ career progression pathways. Students are welcome to approach the Student Services Officer by prior appointment and discuss any matter that they seek guidance on, be it professional or personal. Complete confidentiality of such discussions is maintained and the Student Services Officer ensures that they provide a calm and safe environment for the student to share their problems and concerns


Visas – Enter a New World!

The Knowledge Village provides Student Visas which helps students to focus on their studies and other activities on campus.


Healthcare Services – Because, health is top priority

Health of our students is of utmost importance to us. Round-the-clock healthcare services are provided on campus and for the hostel residents. A fully equipped medical room for medical emergencies and trained staff is available on campus at all times. 24 Hour Ambulatory Service facilities are provided by Dubai International Academic City. Hospitals are at a 15-minute drive from campus.

Students on the University Visa will need to have mandatory health insurance which covers them within the UAE and (in some cases) internationally as well. A student whose visa is sponsored by the Campus will have access to medical care given by the Dubai Government. Other students follow rules and regulations of the Emirate. First aid and primary medical assistance is offered by staff members who have been trained for this purpose.


Transportation – Move with ease

Students, we know need to go around the city and need easy access to good transportation. The campus provides students with comfortable, cost and time effective transportation within Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.


Accommodation – Feel at home

The MAHE-Dubai Campus provides residential facilities for girls and boys. It is a home away from home for students, who live in perfect harmony with each other. This facility includes comfortable accommodation, food, transport, a mini gymnasium and internet facilities.


Hostel rooms are well appointed and comfortable; they have independent common rooms with television and laundry facilities. Each Hostel has a common Dining facility. Wi-fi internet facilities are provided to all hostel residents and this is included in the hostel fee.  In both the Boys and Girls Hostel, there is round-the-clock security and a full-time warden is appointed to manage student welfare.



International Students Center – Making a world of difference

As part of our initiative to cater to international students and to enhance their overall experience at MAHE-Dubai Campus, we have set up the International Students Centre. The Centre provides additional support for our existing International Students and to assist newly arrived International Students to adapt to University life at MAHE-Dubai Campus. The office is designed to create a working environment for them to interact.


We strive to take care of our students to the best of our abilities. Feedback from parents and students is always welcome. Do write to us on ……………..We are listening!