Emerging trends in media and communications

How MAHE Dubai is helping you stay ahead of the curve

The media and communications industry has been growing at a scorching pace in the last decade. You blink your eye and there is something new that presents itself on the horizon. Be it new media, new technology, new patterns in the consumption of communication or ways and means of communication; things are rapidly evolving. Yesterday’s favorite platforms or content could become extinct sooner than you thought. The battle to survive, stay afloat and win, gets more and more intense.

This is an industry that is definitely getting to be more and more challenging and exciting and for you, who choose this, it can be one of your life’s best decisions.

Here, we try to offer a closer view of the emerging trends in the media and communication industry:

1. Media changes – from traditional to digital to phygital to convergence
From the traditional media – print, television, OOH, radio that we have known for the past so many decades; the world has gone digital. Digital dominates the heart and minds of people today. Marketers and advertisers prefer a media-mix that gives them the best of both worlds, that is phygital (digital + physical). Convergence of media is also a happy reality and is changing the way content is consumed.

2. Tech goes hi-tech
Technology convergence and new technology in media has changed audience preferences of content, formats and consumption modes. With new and new platforms, apps, products, technology is going hi-tech and consumers are loving it. The best examples could be the mobile-watch, mobile-camera, wearables, audio-books, kindle (e-reading). But wait and watch! There’s a lot more to come, we are sure.

3. Content changes forms and betters itself:
From mere articles to blogs to v-logs to videos, audios, podcasts, infographics, stories, audio-stories, video-stories, text-stories, a mix of all; content presentation formats are changing their skin frequently. There are new channels surfacing every few days that cater to niche audiences; web series is the new poster boy on the scene and going through the roof in popularity. It’s a win-win situation for the marketers, consumers and content creators. All of you – GoT, TVF and Netflix fans, agree?

4. Metrics matter
Earlier, media and communications did not have ‘metrics’ attached to it; so only in rare cases could marketers measure the impact of their spends. With digital ruling the roost, and various analytical tools being part of the package, metrics are in demand. Marketers know how their spends are used and which ones are really paying off. This helps in better, informed decision making. Results speak for themselves.

5. From advertiser/marketer driven to audience controlled
Advertising or selling has transformed into a different type of content that is more visible, reachable, likable, shareable. Selling has donned a new avatar and it is the world of the consumer today. Media and communication are changing from advertiser-driven to audience controlled. User-generated content is more credible and is also the best for a brand as it touches a chord with the target audience. The effort for brands is to transform customers into fans and then ambassadors/brand champions.

6. Communities are ‘in’
Communities are being built everywhere and anywhere; it is more about getting the like-minded on one platform – in marketing language – it is creating flocks of same-feather birds and getting them together. It is about creating value for these communities.

7. More and more jobs are being generated
The media and communication industry is growing phenomenally, both, vertically and laterally, and so new types of jobs are being generated. New roles and profiles are being created with the advent of digital and tech.

At MAHE-Dubai, you will find the latest in our media and communication program. The best faculty from the world over flies down to Dubai to interact with our students. Practical exposure through seminars, internships, and corporate interfaces gives a real-world perspective to students. The best is here and there’s more to come.

Make the best of your time in the media and communication industry!