10 Strong Reasons To Attend The MAHE Dubai Career Fair!

Career Fairs at universities give students a unique opportunity to network with recruiters, explore a variety of job titles and roles and interact with company representatives. And all this in one place, without having to go to different online portals to get the job you want. The 9th Annual MAHE Dubai Career Fair is now…

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How to make the most of the 9th MAHE -Dubai Career Fair?

The much-awaited MAHE Dubai Career Fair is just a few days away. The excitement in the air is palpable. After all, this event can mean the culmination of your career dreams. Your dedication, determination and efforts are about to pay off. How? Read on. What is the MAHE Dubai Career Fair really about? The MAHE…

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How do we at MAHE Dubai, make sure of your career development?

Career development begins much before you step into your first job. It starts right when you are in college. With competition looking more and more ferocious everywhere in the world, students need to be armed with the right education, skills and practical experience required to carve a niche in the workplace. Placement centers or placement…

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