You are the master of your destiny!

MAHE Dubai is offering Evening Courses – MTech in Engineering Management

In this age and time, the more you gain knowledge, the more opportunities you gain. Limiting yourself to a graduate degree can prove to be a wrong decision. It’s a well-known fact that a person with a Master’s degree is actually a master of his/her own destiny. A Master’s degree offers knowledge, career advancement, lucrative jobs, respect among peers but most importantly a sense of fulfillment of having learnt something worthwhile.

MAHE Dubai offers a specialized, multi-disciplinary MTech degree in Engineering Management.

What is Engineering Management?

It is an amalgamation of both technology and administration. This degree is perfect for engineering undergraduates/graduates who want to learn leadership and problem-solving skills and the opportunities are plenty. Companies today are actively looking for a combination of the engineer-manager – The hard-core tech grad with the all-round perspective of an able manager. Exactly the kind of candidates this degree ‘creates’. Manufacturing industries, process industries, construction, infrastructure, chemical – in fact, all industries that require an engineer, also require a good manager. The question is, will you be that person?

Advantages of MAHE Dubai MTech in Engineering Management course:

  • Flexible class timings so you can manage your time while studying engineering management.
  • Dedicated attention provided to you with quality learning from globally recognized faculty.
  • Labs at School of Engineering and IT: The course is offered by MAHE Dubai’s School of Engineering and IT and has well-equipped labs for practical knowledge and hands-on experience.
  • Special scholarships for working professionals.
  • Professional society tie-ups like ASME, SAE, ASHRAE.
  • Coursera Benefit: Coursera with its wide range of courses allows students to choose any course they want to learn or upskill in. Once you are a MAHE Dubai student, you can access these courses for free for the entire course duration. That’s a strong plus!
  • 100% assistance for placements through our Career Development Centre.

This course helps you upskill without giving up on your morning commitments. So, be the master of your life by taking a life-changing decision today and join our evening course in MTech in Engineering Management.

Wish you the best!