Anxiety About High School Final Exam Results

If you’re a high school student, you know exactly what exam season feels like. The unending stress and anxiety about the exams is something that almost everyone experiences. But once these exams are over, you face a new challenge of awaiting the results. This exam result stress is natural, and we know how the anticipation for your exam results can feel like a long wait. Among the various emotions, you can be feeling are panic, guilt, and fears about the future. Here are some practical suggestions to reduce stress on the day of the exam results and tips to help you deal with your emotions.:

Tips for coping with exam result anxiety

  1. Stay mindful

Whenever you start to have overwhelming and negative thoughts, try to remind yourself that the negative thoughts are not true. Recognizing that your thoughts don’t shape who you are will help you steer clear of overthinking. Stay focused on the people and events around you. Meditating and focusing on the positive will help you become more mindful and kinder towards yourself.

  1. Take on activities that foster a sense of control

By planning for many possibilities, you can put all the nervous energy that has been building up into use. Create backup plans to round out your options. Another tactic to help you focus is sticking to your regular schedule. Maintaining your routine will help you stay calm and help you prepare for any situation. Staying in your comfort zone will ensure that your emotions are catered to.

  1. Seek professional help

You can benefit from speaking with a mental health expert if you believe your anxiety is extreme and disrupting your normal life. You can collaborate with a mental health specialist to develop an intervention strategy uniquely suited to the type of anxiety you are experiencing.

  1. Engage in your favorite activities

Distract yourself with whatever you love to do- whether you enjoy indulging in art, music, reading, love to play sports or any other activity that makes you happy.

  1. Avoid ruminating on your performance

Anxiety might be a good indicator of you caring about your academic success. But, you won’t be able to go back in time to alter the answers your mind came up with for that 20-mark question. Realize that you did the best you could with the time and resources you had. Remember that your exam results are not the end of the world, and you can always do better.

It is essential that you are surrounded by supportive friends and family on the day of your results. The easiest way to seek trustworthy professional help is by talking to your counsellor at school. Most leading schools in the UAE, like Manipal, Dubai, have experienced professional counsellors to help the students with their issues. Having an encouraging environment at school also would be a bonus.

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