MBA program at Manipal Dubai: Is it worth pursuing it in 2022?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees have been the go-to postgraduate programs for graduates looking for an edge in the job market. However, the pandemic has seen a section of people questioning the relevance of these one-year MBA programs.

These degrees have always been sought after as they present a wide range of career opportunities to aspiring students. In fact, the best MBA programs in Dubai also lead to placements and an increase in job opportunities needed for career growth.

Key specializations an MBA program will provide:

  • Marketing gives students an insight into consumer behavior and help create products better.
  • Operations can teach students to handle different operational aspects of a business, such as planning, manufacturing, production and servicing.
  • Finance: Students can focus on planning and controlling the financial resources of any organization.
  • Accounting helps students understand and analyze different aspects related to an organization’s accounts.
  • Information technology gives students a basic introduction to both the technical and managerial aspects of this field.
  • Human Resources focuses on recruiting and providing direction and support to a firm’s workforce.
  • Healthcare Management helps students optimize their leadership skills to come up with innovative solutions for healthcare management.

Why should you pursue an MBA?

Pursuing a full-time MBA program can give aspiring students an edge in a competitive job market. These courses are specifically designed to complement the existing skill set and education qualifications of a student. Hence, it’s a natural tendency for students to explore an MBA course that will help them stand out in a crowd.

The best business schools understand this. Hence, they offer the best MBA specialization in different fields like marketing, operations, finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, and healthcare management. It gives students a chance to gain an understanding of general business management functions in these varied business areas. Besides, studying for an MBA has never been easier. You can opt for full-time, part-time, blended or distance learning degrees, depending on what works best for you.

Career benefits of an MBA degree

  • Highest paying jobs
    It opens doors and gives aspiring students a chance to bag the highest paying jobs available. Young graduates gain more financial freedom, get paid more than their counterparts and have more control over their career graph.
  • Encourages one to think differently, making it a plus point
    Innovation and clarity of thought are encouraged as it accelerates professional and personal growth.
  • Helps build confidence
    Students are encouraged to pen down their thoughts and to present them to an audience, which also gives them confidence while facing a crowd. They learn not only to present ideas but also to discuss, debate and offer a counter view.
  • Improves professional skills
    An MBA degree improves theoretical and practical knowledge. It also teaches students how to work as a cohesive team. It aims to inculcate qualities of leadership essential to making it big in a chosen field of expertise.
  • Expands one’s worldview
    Choosing the best MBA college like Manipal Dubai that draws international students is a great way to expand a student’s worldview. As a result, they are exposed to different cultures and opinions. This helps them have open discussions and introduces them to a diverse spectrum of thoughts and ideas.
  • Introduces students to vital skills required to succeed
    Specialized MBA programs can help students learn more about a specific industry. Additionally, general programs help students hone skills essential for a job or industry. This can make a huge difference and can really help if one is looking to switch careers.

Hence, the best MBA colleges are those that offer students a wealth of opportunities leading to great placements and high paying salaries. The focus at a renowned institution like Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai is to offer MBA courses that have an excellent balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. MAHE Dubai courses are designed to offer brand value and to cater to the needs of professionals looking to up skill or change careers.