SOLS Grant

MAHE Dubai’s School of Life Sciences awarded Al Qassim University Research Funding Grant

Research and innovation are one of the core values that Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai strives for, and it is with extreme delight that we announce that the School of Life Sciences at MAHE Dubai has been recently awarded a research funding grant from Al Qassimi University, Saudi Arabia.

A commendable effort by Dr. Arif Hussain, Chairperson – School of Life Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai, the grant issued will be beneficial towards the research project, titled “Analysis of Anticancer Effects of Dietary Agent in Human Cervical Cancer Calls”, which will be conducted in the School of Life Sciences.

Dr. Hussain has an exemplary track record of 15 years of research and is the associate investigator and the international collaborator for this project. He has a Ph.D. in Molecular Oncology and is well versed with techniques of biotechnology with theoretical and practical knowledge in Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA technology, Biochemistry, Immunology & Plant/Animal Biotech. His specified research interests are Signal transduction and Systems biology pertaining to cancer, exploring the novel chemopreventive agents and their effect on cancer prevention and molecular epidemiology of cancer etiology, its progression in relation to genetic variation, epigenetic changes, and gene-environment interactions.

Such ground-breaking research is a marvelous achievement for our university and heartiest congratulations to the School of Life Sciences for their dedication towards research.