MAHE Dubai – Open Houses

Make the Most Out of Your Open House Experience

With the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai announcing that universities are now allowed to conduct open houses and campus tours, you must be thrilled to visit university campuses, along with a million questions. Open Houses are the perfect way to gather all the information you need about the university, faculties, syllabus, and fellow students. So, before you attend an open house, here are few tips that you can follow to make the best out of your visit:

Plan Ahead

Make note of what you’re expecting out of this campus visit, as well as what the university has to offer.  Arrive well ahead of the schedule, so there’s ample time to make yourself familiar with different events and sessions.

If you do not have clarity on which field you want to pursue, it is okay – you can visit the open house to even check other courses and see if they interest you. Most universities provide college prospectus on website, so go through it before you visit an open house event.

Do Your Research

Research is key, as it helps you to come up with questions regarding the program. Let’s say you have set your heart on a particular course or a top university in UAE, you need extra research to make sure you’re on the right track.

Thoroughly check the websites for information that you can use to compare the institutes you have shortlisted. Another suggestion is to check online reviews about the university, staff, and courses before the visit. The KHDA’s Higher Education Classification Ratings reveal every year the best universities to apply for in Dubai, so you can head there too, to strengthen your research.

Ask Questions

No question is silly, so ask as many as you can. The staff and the students are present to offer information to students and give the right guidance. Jot down your questions before attending a session, and then revisit it when the stage is open to Q&A.

Ask questions particularly about the course, placement opportunities, curriculum, and the current economic demand of pursuing that degree/course. Deciding on your career path requires extra research so feel free to talk to as many people as possible.

Talk to Students and the Staff

Gather as much information as you can. Try to contact the alumni or the professors of the university before the visit; it will give you time to discuss the pros and cons of choosing a particular course or university. Look for current students on campus who are pursuing the same course as the one you are interested in and discuss with them.

MAHE Dubai, a 5-Star rated university, regularly conducts open houses for parents and students to have the first-hand experience of the campus life, facilities, and a one-on-one chat with the admission counsellors.

Moreover, the campus is prepared to host these Open Houses as safely as possible, with social distancing set in place, and all-round-the-clock sanitization teams taking care of the university. MAHE, Dubai campus has taken all precautionary measures to make Open House 2020 safe.

MAHE Dubai encourages you and your parents to follow safety protocols before visiting campuses.

So, be safe and make the best of it.