How to Choose the Right College in UAE 

Taking the first step towards a career by choosing the right college can be a daunting task for most students. With the number of choices available out in the market, it comes as no surprise. However, some pointers can help ease this process. This article will help you find the best college to study in Dubai.   

Accreditation and recognition of an institution go a long way. Depending upon the course you do or the level of education (Postgrad or Undergrad), be sure to read up on the accreditation. It adds credibility to your degree. 

Campus size, infrastructure, and facilities are some parameters to thoroughly look into before picking a university. Be sure to check if a university suits your academic and extracurricular needs. Before committing to a school, explore the campus, labs, and the programs offered by the college.  

Universities that have been around for a while are reliable as they have been tried and tested for years. They grow and branch out with multiple facilities at different locations. Some get affiliations as well. Nevertheless, a longitudinal research is always necessary to go ahead with any institution.  

Be sure to explore the faculty members, especially for your chosen courses. From educational background to professional experience, it is important to know the faculty employed at the university, as they are responsible for adding  value to your professional and personal life. Most good universities list out their faculty profiles and also CVs for prospective students to look at.   

Scholarships, internships, and work experience are three opportunities that allow students to shine amongst other graduates. When applying to universities, it is a must to check what kind of internships the university organizes, what work experience students can gain from their network of educators and prestigious alumni, and whether they offer scholarships for the term of the course.   

These five points should give you a basic idea of how to choose a university for your future endeavors. Among some of the best universities in Dubai, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE Dubai) has over 2000 students from over 40 different countries across the globe. This university offers over 40 undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and Ph.D. programs at its campus in Dubai International Academic City. MAHE, Dubai has recently been received five star rating in teaching, innovation, placements, and student performance by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai. MAHE Dubai offers over 50 programs in 7 disciplines for students to choose from. It also has world-class faculty, an ultra-modern 50,000 sq. ft. campus that is well equipped allowing students to grow academically and personally. MAHE Dubai College for higher education has tie-ups with corporates in various disciplines to help students find the opportunities of their dreams. Last but not least, MAHE Dubai has academic partnerships with esteemed universities across the globe.