Dubai – City of Opportunities

Dubai has changed dramatically over the last three decades, becoming a major business centre with a more dynamic and diversified economy. Dubai enjoys a strategic location and serves as the biggest re-exporting centre in the Middle East.

It’s low logistical and operational costs and excellent infrastructure, international outlook and liberal government policies are attracting investors in a big way. Activities such as trade, transport, tourism, industry and finance have shown steady growth and helped the economy to achieve a high degree of expansion and diversification.

World-class infrastructure

Dubai is an ever-growing trade and financial hub with extensive network of roads, rail, ports and development projects. Dubai construction sector in terms of infrastructure and real estate is poised to outperform the overall UAE market. UAE remains among the top attractive markets for infrastructure investors globally.


What’s the use of staying abroad, away from your family if you’re not even able to save enough? Dubai provides the best tax-free investment opportunities to residents who want to live a comfortable and luxurious life. You do not need to pay wealth tax, corporate tax or income tax.

While investors get maximum profits on rented out property in Dubai, the benefit of having to pay no tax simply means that a person can save enough money.

Global exposure

With its diverse array of work and employees, Dubai provides the biggest landing for international business.

It’s a global financial and trade hub offering tons of opportunities to those who dare to dream big. It’s growing economy offers benefits in all sectors, leading to a constant influx of both investors and workers who wish to rake in all the benefits. It is the city’s rise to the top of various global rankings that have made investment in key economic sectors like real estate, finance, services and hospitality a profitable venture for thousands of individuals.

Multi-cultural workforce

Dubai is a city where east meets west. Residents here represent over 180 different nationalities across the world. It is strategically located at the centre of the world business map which is easily accessible from different parts of Asia, the Middle East and even European countries. Dubai can also be a launch pad if you wish to immigrate to other countries. So, it’s not only just the Arabic lifestyle that you can experience here, but you also get to interact and work with people from all corners of the world.

Expo 2020

Dubai’s preparations for Expo 2020 are in full swing. It’s expected to attract almost 30 million visitors in the six-month duration over which the event would be held. The Expo has been the biggest attraction for Dubai off late. With smart business opportunities, networking around the globe whilst celebrating culture, collaboration and innovation, it’s a promising enterprise. This year it promises to focus on opportunity, mobility and sustainability. This is good news for businessmen looking for avenues to multiply their fortunes. Potential investors could profit from this trend by starting a business in the emirate now and see it grow into a profitable undertaking when the mega event draws near.

Dubai, with its ancient commercial and seafaring traditions, has long been recognized as the Middle East region’s leading trading hub and has emerged as its key re-export center. In more recent years, the Emirate has become a major venue for growth in terms of globalisation. Little wonder then, that Dubai is the go-to city today for working professionals as well as students.