What Employers hate about fresh graduates

The quality of people employed is a direct reflection of an organization. Hence, unsurprisingly, companies seek employees the best quality skills, academic expertise, and knowledge. Experienced employees are less likely to leave the company and prefer to remain in their positions for an extended period of time. Long-term employment ensures stability, and this could suit their personal lives and also help them grow within the company.   

5 Essential Tips for Fresh Graduates Applying for Jobs  

As a fresh graduate, one may have concerns about how one could navigate and get a breakthrough with new job opportunities. Hence, while strategizing the best methods, it’s also essential to know what NOT to do! As you apply for your first job upon completing your degree, be sure to look through this listicle. It will help you land your dream job, while also helping you to avoid common faux pas and stay ahead of the curve.  

Master Your Communication skills 

Not being able to articulate enough and lacking basic communications skills is one of the biggest concerns of employees hiring fresh graduates. In order to avoid this situation, it is important to ask relevant questions regarding projects, iron out conflict and respect the work ethic of the organization.  

Stick to the Selected Job 

Fresh graduates tend to look for the next best thing and this translates to not settling at one job for long enough – also known as ‘fishing’. While job-hopping might be a good way for young employees to experience better opportunities, it is hazardous to a company especially considering the time, effort, and investment involved in getting a new hire. A good rule of thumb for fresh graduates is to stick to a job for a minimum of 18 months before deciding upon a change.  

Set Realistic Salary Expectations 

One of the common mistakes made by fresh graduates is setting unrealistic salary expectations with limited skills and experiences when compared to others in the field. While it is vital to get your due, it is important to understand that acquiring functional and technical skills at work will help you gain valuable experience and increase your value in the job market for future endeavors.  

Being Flexible  

At times, employers feel that fresh graduates are not flexible enough and don’t go the extra mile as and when it is required. Understanding when to go the extra mile and when to set boundaries at work is crucial from a long-term employment perspective and healthy work life balance. 

Lacking Professionalism 

Tardiness at work, dressing too casually and constantly spending time on social media, unless required, and a lackadaisical work attitude are common issues among fresh graduates. While at work, it is imperative to respect workplace decorum and remain focused during working hours.  

How Fresh College Graduates Can Gain Professional Experience  

Fresh college graduates can gain professional experience by developing additional skills that are relevant to their field, obtaining certificates or diploma that can supplement their academic skills, build a good network, connect with alumni, and find mentors to help with job placements.  

Students at MAHE Dubai are selected on a merit basis and over 20% of students are mitted year after year on scholarships.  

Programs at MAHE Dubai are dynamic in nature, with industry-focused internship opportunities allowing students to gain valuable industry experience. MAHE Dubai Career Services Department provides career awareness, preparation, personality development, internship opportunities, and job placements for students who register for career development services.  The Career Services Department guides and assists students to help prepare them for their professional lives. 

Further, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai organizes Annual Career Fairs in order to bring industry and academia together where 40+ industry partners visit the campus and interact with students across schools and programs, showcase company profiles, conduct pre-placement talks and workshops, provide several job and Internship opportunities to students.  

MAHE Dubai is all set to host the Annual Career Fair 2022. It’s a contactless, socially distanced, in-person Career Fair with all the precautionary measures in place.

The Fair will present the opportunity to interact with leading organizations, enable recruiters to personally meet a vast pool of talent from different disciplines, and take relevant candidates on board.

We invite all #MAHEDubai students to actively take part in the Career Fair. Meet experts and professionals across different streams and find the right fit for you!

Mark your calendars!