Global citizen skills for the 21st century employee

Global Citizenship for the 21st Century Employee 

Over the last decade, workplaces are increasingly going global. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend, with zoom calls and remote workplaces being hailed as the ‘new normal’. This ‘new normal’ is allowing employees to connect with offices across the globe.  Thus, this makes it increasingly vital for them to be global citizens – possessing an understanding of different global cultures, working seamlessly with colleagues remotely and solving problems using critical thinking skills.  

What Global Citizenship Means for the 21st Century  

The United Nations defines global citizenship as an umbrella term for social, political, environmental, and economic actions of globally-minded individuals and communities on a worldwide scale, with a central goal of advancing sustainable development, by inculcating a sense of social responsibility in individuals to act for the benefit of all societies.  

Necessary Skills Required by a 21st Century Employee 

 With regards to workplaces in particular, an employee should:  

  • Develop key skills to aid collaboration, communication, adaptability, innovation, and entrepreneurialism, 
  • Be up to date with the latest technologies, and become capable of learning new technologies as they emerge
  • Foster positive mental and emotional health, to enable a healthy workplace environment and foster good working relationships with colleagues from different backgrounds, and finally  
  • Communicate effectively, which is only possible when employees have acquired the soft skills required to understand linguistic nuances. This further enables them with accessing and synthesizing information presented in day-to-day work, in addition to equipping them with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

How the 21st Century Employee Has an Edge Above the Rest

The 21st-century employee who is truly a ‘global citizen’, is not only an asset to society, but has significant skills which set them apart. Some of their desired traits include the:  

  • Ability to critically think and solve problems 
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively 
  • Awareness of different cultures and nuances and ability to seamlessly adapt to them 
  • Ability to work with and understand the dynamic world of technology 

The MAHE Dubai Advantage 

MAHE Dubai offers its students the chance to become global citizens from day one. 

The campus is strategically located in Dubai – a global hub that caters to citizens from world over and is at the forefront of technology, sustainable development, and tourism with events such as the Expo 2020. 

With over 2000+ students and 40+ nationalities, students get an opportunity to deep-dive into a melting pot of cultures, both on-campus as well as outside the campus. Irrespective of whether you opt for a UG, PG or part-time degree, the skills you pick up alongside your studies, will help you immensely in your career. 

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