Achieving success by developing a sound Mental health

Prioritizing Mental Health

Sound mental health is integral to living a happy and healthy life. Shifts and perturbations, such as the recent pandemic repercussions, changes in schedules and the way we interact with our surroundings have a severe psychological impact, thus contributing to mental health and well-being. Sometimes we find ourselves juggling too many things at once and this causes us to feel overwhelmed and stressed. In times like these, it is vital to work on strengthening our response to our lives’ stressors and concentrate on mental health care and treatment.  

Invest in Your Mental Health with Three Simple Tips


High-stress levels can lead to anxiety and depression. While stress can’t be avoided, there are established and healthy coping mechanisms that can be adopted to relieve actress-induced anxiety and depression – one of which is through meditation and deep breathing. These techniques increase the flow of oxygen in our bodies and helps slow down the mind, which in turn slows down heart rate, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers blood pressure.  

Staying Physically Active 

Aerobic exercise is a sure means to raise the brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels. These neurotransmitters are associated with pleasure sensors, and help us feel good by elevating energy levels and mood. Though it might be tough at first, exercising is definitely closely linked to mental health and wellbeing.  


Human beings are social animals. While it is important to take a break and spend some alone time to recover from mental health, having social interactions is equally important. Connecting with family, friends and colleagues helps build self-esteem, inculcates a sense of empathy and cooperation. Social interactions have a positive effect on mental health and should be a priority, no matter how busy things get in life. 

The Importance of Mental Health  

Nurturing mental health is as important as nurturing our physical body. While we tend to prioritize one over the other, it is crucial to take steps towards mental health and well-being to live a balanced life. Investing in one’s mental health can cause a reduction in anxiety, help find a greater sense of calm or inner peace, reduce risk of depression, and increase self-esteem. Hence, activities that help you quiet your mind and help you learn how to deal with stress are essential in our face-paced everyday lives.  

MAHE Dubai has made mental health facilities accessible to all its students through the MAHE Dubai Wellness Hub. Students, faculty and staff can get professional, confidential mental health advice and support from Mental Health experts and Support Groups. Additionally, a team of Mental Health First Aiders is available to students to help resolve any issues from personal or academic success. A ‘Mental Health First Aider’ in an organization is the go-to person for anyone undergoing a mental health issue. A Mental Health First Aider is trained to respond with the skill to help people experiencing mental and emotional challenges, and facilitate appropriate action. 

If you’re a MAHE Dubai student, faculty, or staff, you may reach our MAHE Dubai Wellness Hub by sending an email to and you’ll be connected to our mental health first aiders. All communication sent to this address will be 100% confidential. 

Surround yourself with positivity. Take care of your body, value yourself, take a deep breath and smile!