Study hard, play hard.

Winning lessons learnt from the cricket ground of MAHE Dubai.

Games and sports are as important as academics in shaping the lives of students. College play grounds teach as much as class rooms do, sometimes more. Sports teach life skills that can never be learnt in a classroom. Sportsman spirit, team play, assertiveness, determination, discipline, hard work, commitment, dedication, goal setting, and never-ever-giving-up are hard learnt lessons from cricket.

The MAHE Dubai Cricket Team- Nurtured to win

One of the most popular sports played in MAHE Dubai and in the UAE, is cricket. Every year, the MAHE Dubai cricket team goes through a rigorous selection where the right persons are trained to get on the field. Fed on a visual diet of international cricket from a very young age, these students have the passion and the determination to play in tough conditions with tough opponents. Some of them are trained as part of their school teams and have already played all types of cricket: one-day matches, test cricket and other formats. The current MAHE Dubai is a formidable team, nurtured to win.

Ten-time Winners!

This year, the MAHE Dubai cricket team have had a string of wins that has left us beaming with pride. Not just one, or two, but a whole of 10 wins, is a great score by any standards.
It goes to show that these are not ordinary young men, but men who are created to soar!

Cricket Trophies won by the MAHE Dubai Team in the 2018- 2019 Season

1.University Premier League – Champions

2.Maxtalent Vision Cup – Runners Up

3.Manipal Sports Fest – Champions

  1. Scottish Highland Games- Champions
  2. Abu Dhabi Inter University League – Champions
  3. Bits Pilani Sports Fest- Champions
  4. DIAC Indoor Tournament- Champions
  5. Amity Sports Fest – Semi Finalist
  6. GMU Sports Fest – Semi Finalist
  7. Red Bull UAE qualifier – Champions

The MAHE Dubai winning team is made for the following never-say-die players, who deserve the cake and the trophy!

  1. Waruna perera (captain)
  2. Harikrishnan kannadi (vice captain)
  3. Danuka chamikara (wk)
  4. Clive alfonso
  5. Brandon martis
  6. Syed ilyas
  7. Ashwanth valthapa
  8. Karthik meiyappan
  9. Rishab mukherjee
  10. Mukul jayaraj
  11. Ashir akbar
  12. Zahidul islam
  13. Nihal anwer
  14. Sharath shankar
  15. Arsh khalifa
  16. Sidney dsa
  17. Rahul chouhan
  18. Rohan adyanthaya
  19. Anaal abbas
  20. Nidhin das

Play like there is no tomorrow!

MAHE-Dubai prides itself on its ample sports facilities. It also has some of the best sports teachers and coaches. A well-equipped gym and other indoor and outdoor sports facilities provide the training that is required for winning teams. A conducive environment further helps in developing the mental strength and tenacity that sports requires. Like we say – β€˜To win, it is not enough to have great sports grounds and equipment; what is required is the right attitude, the right coaches and the right discipline.’