MBA students from MIU spend a week at MAHE Dubai

Learning goes beyond the purview of classroom teaching and rests heavily on enriching young minds with an exposure to new worlds. . To that end, MIU organised a week-long visit, from November 2nd to the 8th, for its MBA students to MAHE Dubai as part of its Global Immersion Program. A 14-student delegation took part in this unique opportunity.

Here is how the exercise helped these students broaden their horizons and perceptions –

Soaking up the Sights 

After their arrival at the Sharjah International airport, where they were received by a team of MAHE Officials and semester 1 students of the Global MBA program, the visiting students kicked off their second day in Dubai with an extensive sight-seeing tour. This included all the major attractions of this exotic destination – the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj al Arab hotel, and the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which offers valuable insights into the Emirati heritage, culture and food.

On the third day, the students indulged in a desert safari, and the day after, a visit to the Global Village was planned to help them understand the culture, heritage, and cuisine of over 90 countries participating in this multi-cultural festival.

For the following two days, a ride on the Dubai Dhow Cruise on a traditional Emirati boat in the Dubai Creek and a visit to the Mall of Emirates were organised.

Words of Wisdom

This eclectic mix of fun and engaging outings were interspersed with equally beneficial learning opportunities. This included a session on Business and Culture where the students were taken through  the history of the United Arab Emirates, its economy, currency and the journey of becoming a prominent economic power in less than five decades.

Similar sessions on Micro Economics of Oil and Gas and Disruptions in Businesses were also held over the course of the week for the benefit of the visiting student delegation.

Observational Learning 

The emphasis of this visit was to help students learn new concepts and embrace new ideas by exposing them to different experiences. This included a visit to the CISCO Innovation and Experience Centre in Dubai where they saw a reception-less office setup, and Artificial Intelligence-based security enforcement system, smart city and futuristic classrooms.

The delegation also witnessed the techniques used in processing and recycling of gold as well as the making of gold bars and jewellery and retrieving gold particles from dust and clothes.

Interaction with the first-year Global MBA program students was also organised, where fluid discussions of the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, job opportunities in Dubai and concepts such as modular education took place.

The Takeaway 

The students returned home with a fresh perspective on different aspects of education, job prospects in the UAE and business operations in a globalised economy as well as different cultures around the world.