The Educational Hub

4 reasons that make Dubai the next educational hub/Dubai the rising education hub 

In recent years, Dubai has become the epicenter of international education. The universities that have its expansion in Dubai, aims at providing international students smooth experiences in all aspects of their lives, especially while transitioning to Dubai.

With ambitions of being the next global smart city, and an entrepreneurial and innovation hub, Dubai targets to emerge as a global choice for educational destination.

UAE’s Ministry of Education has a ten year development plan till 2020 to provide students with high quality curriculum, the best of instructions and faculty, improved student life, affordability and accessibility to education.


Dubai has set a tone for being the next leader in the global sector in terms of business and trade. This has opened up lucrative educational expansions along with paving the way for international students to study here. The reputation of a world class commercial and trading center is one of the top reasons why students take up Emirates.


Dubai is slowly becoming home to several international colleges like Manipal Academy of Higher education (MAHE, Dubai). With State-of-the-Art facilities, top faculties and industry placements, the government of UAE is also pushing the state to be a top-drawer for international students.

From traditional learning mechanisms, Dubai is also adopting the techniques of virtual classes online, screen-sharing and other advancements in terms of e-learning too!


Another extremely important point to be mentioned in terms of geographic location, Dubai is approximately 8 hours away from two-thirds of anywhere in the world. That makes it an attractive choice for relocation.


Dubai is known as the hub for university branch campuses across the world.(  Currently, Dubai boasts of 25 branches, which is the highest number in the world. They also have been credited at maintaining the highest quality standards, given the number of branches that operates from the city. Only Dubai has a system in the UAE where the Dubai authority has a university quality assurance board comprising academics from around the world.

Thus, Dubai is slowly but surely making its place as the next most sought after Educational choice of destination amongst the world.