New Semester, New Me

With the start of the new semester, the students of MAHE Dubai are up for some exciting times ahead! After the much deserved break following the grueling exam season, you’re sure to find the campus filled with squeals and giggles as friends and classmates find each other in the crowd. The excitement is palpable, making the campus come alive.

We caught up with a few students of MAHE Dubai, and here’s what they’re most looking forward to in the coming semester –

–          Vijay from the School of Engineering & IT says he’s most excited for the events lined up for this semester. And so are we! MAHE Dubai is known for its host of enthralling cultural, academic and sport events ranging from competitions, workshops, to conferences. There’s never a dull week at MAHE Dubai, and this semester is sure to be the same. So make sure to keep up that attendance so you don’t miss out!

–          Saumya from the School of Media and Communication says she’s excited for Confluence 2020, & the WOIS Film Fest. Confluence is the annual cultural competition where the students from the different schools at MAHE Dubai battle it out in the various competitions of singing, dancing, quizzing and a fashion show! So get ready Confluence 2020 is fast approaching!

The White Oryx International Short film festival, WOIS, is the biggest short film event in Dubai, organized by the School of Media & Communication. And only 2 more months to go for this exciting event that includes free film screenings, workshops and competitions for all film buffs!

–          Gopikrishnan from the School of Business says he’s excited for his semester abroad at Manipal International University, Malaysia as part of his MBA Global Business program.  Apart from the excitement of getting to experience and explore a new city and culture, the program also ensures learning of entrepreneurship and business innovation.

–          Sneha Deborah says she’s excited for the new subjects lined up for this semester! MAHE Dubai has truly diverse and expansive programs as part of its Schools of Engineering & IT, Business, Media & Communication, Design & Architecture, Life Sciences and Department of Arts & Humanities. It’s sure to be an immersive and enlightening semester!

–          Josephina from the School of Business says she’s looking forward to having Dr. Jason Fitzsimmons as a professor, and having only 4 subjects definitely adds to her excitement for the semester. Which means an extra day for student clubs, extracurricular activities, sports and so much more!

–          Shanoop Saleem from the School of __ says he’s excited about the new pool table in the Recreation Room. And so are we! The Rec room has had a bit of a makeover with brand new equipment. So head on over, let loose, and enjoy!

These are but a glimpse into the exciting semester that lies ahead at MAHE Dubai. There’s so much more to come, that’s sure to have you wondering how the semester flew by at the end of it! So good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour.