Benefits of short term certificate program

Benefits of a short-term certificate course

The last year has been a challenge on many fronts. For many, the impact was felt professionally, with decreasing revenues and production halts leading to downsizing and job loss. With job security at a low, upskilling and reskilling through short-term courses and programs have gained popularity.

What is a short-term certificate course?

Short-term certificate courses are programs that last anywhere from three months to two years, that specialize in a particular subject or area of interest. They are designed to make learners industry-ready and provide an opportunity for them to learn a new skill.

Short-term certificate courses can be online or offline, and may also be self-paced. MAHE Dubai offers the best short-term certificate programs in various fields of study. Our programs run from three to six months and are open to students and professionals, with the flexibility of evening and weekend classes.

Benefits of short-term certificate courses

Short-term certificate courses have some key benefits over longer traditional courses.

For starters, they are short and generally cheaper, and provide a quick route to students who do not have the time or money to attend a full campus-based program.

Given that they are short and focus on practical skills, graduates can enter the workforce and start earning as soon as they finish.

These courses are designed for working professionals and are flexible in nature. Classes at MAHE Dubai are weekend and evening classes, and the schedule is flexible as per your routine.

Additionally, short-term certificate courses provide an in-depth understanding of a particular focus area. In a period where job security is low, these courses will provide professionals with a quicker route into a new industry and the opportunity to reskill and gain employment in a new field.

Some certificate courses such as the Certificate Program in Digital Photography, also cater to advanced professionals who are looking to upskill their existing skill set and learn new techniques.

Short term Certificate Courses at MAHE Dubai

Students can pursue the following short-term certificate courses at MAHE Dubai:

  1. Certificate Program in Blockchain Technology:
    A relevant course in today’s day and age, the Certificate Program in Blockchain Technology teaches students the fundamentals and exposes them to the growing world of blockchain.
  2. Certificate Program in Digital Photography
    This is a three-month program offered by the School of Media and Communication, in partnership with Nikon ME. Learners can opt to finish all three levels or can choose to do one level only. Not only that, but learners also signing up for all three levels get a Nikon Camera kit for free!
  3. Certificate Program in Fine Art
    This program has 2 levels- three months each, designed for beginners as well as advanced learners.
  4. Certificate Program in Fit-out & Joinery
    This program offered by the School of Design and Architecture, equipping learners with the skills sought by designer consultancies and interior designers.
  5. Certificate Program in Tall Building Design
    Get a full understanding of designing and planning tall buildings with this three-month program, also offered by School of Design and Architecture.

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