Plot your career path, virtually.

The landscape of searching for a job or internship has definitely changed due to the current circumstances. And the sudden change may seem challenging, but don’t let those career goals collect dust. You can still pursue your career path by getting creative, and staying positive. Here’s some tips you can follow to further your journey:


Reflect and rebuild
It’s a good time to reflect on your own career goals and how you fit into the industry you’re pursuing. Evaluate broader market and industry trends and adjust your path accordingly, and explore your own interests to narrow down exactly what role you’d like to pursue.

Revamp your skill set
Your research about the industry and market trends should also provide you insight about essential skills for the industry, as well as indispensable skills of being adaptive to emerging virtual tech. Make use of online resources to educate yourself, boost your skills, and build your portfolio.

Reach out
Networking sites are now more important than ever. Keep your online profiles updated and join professional groups with like-minded peers and professionals. Keep your eye out for virtual events and join the conversation to learn valuable insight and also add your own.

If you had connected with a company or networked with a professional earlier, don’t hesitate to reach out to them via email or other professional networking platforms. The goal is to re-establish connection, but be aware and considerate of the circumstances when connecting.

The current circumstances also allow you to research into company culture, and how companies deal with the emergency with regard to how they treat their employees, setting up remote and virtual facilities for work, creative problem solving, etc. Follow the company on their social media pages and look out for any media coverage to stay updated.

Reassess and re-evaluate
A lot of industries have been hit hard by COVID-19. If your job search isn’t urgent, it would be better to wait out the situation as companies make readjustments to cope, and work remotely. It would also be a good idea to look at part time jobs or related short-term jobs as a stopgap.


Though the current situation may seem challenging, especially for students starting out in their job search, it is important to remain positive. This time can also be thought of as an opportunity to assess the industry, your own interests, and preparing yourself to make productive steps towards career goals. Don’t forget to stay healthy and stay safe.