How to make the most of the 9th MAHE -Dubai Career Fair?

The much-awaited MAHE Dubai Career Fair is just a few days away. The excitement in the air is palpable. After all, this event can mean the culmination of your career dreams. Your dedication, determination and efforts are about to pay off. How? Read on. What is the MAHE Dubai Career Fair really about? The MAHE…

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GETEX, 2018 -The platform for high quality education

Education. The one word that ensures growth. The one-word MAHE, Dubai stands by despite all odds. The Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) attracted a huge crowd of aspiring students and hopeful parents to the fair. Manipal’s brand change echoed throughout the whole stall. The stall of MAHE, Dubai turned heads, with its attractive orange…

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Here’s how MAHE, Dubai welcomes the future with open arms

MAHE, Dubai creates the comprehensive individuals who are ready to face the world with solutions to challenges. We have 8 ways to change your life. Open doors to Diversity–Education that transcends boundaries is the right kind of education, and who doesn’t like learning slangs from different languages! Gain exposure to some of the most diverse…

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