Why Pursuing Humanities Is A Great Idea Now

Subjects are subjective. Many young minds choose their career paths at a young age itself, many opt for Science and Engineering over other fields. But there are several others in favour of Arts – treading down the path of understanding a language or knowing more about the historic significance of a city, state or country.

The myth?

Its generally assumed that career opportunities for a Humanities student are limited — an assumption that is nothing but a myth. The root of Humanities lies in understanding culture and communication, research and analysis – skills that can be applied across diverse fields and industries.

The Reality

Options for a student pursuing Humanities is far from limited. Marketing, Media, PR, Publishing & Journalism, Consumer & Retail are a few industries students opt for. Here’s a look at a few of the many possibilities.

  1. Counsellor/Clinical Psychologist

Psychology is a multifaceted discipline, offering many possible career opportunities for students. A BA Humanities course with a specialization in Psychology helps students dive deep into the human mind and lay the foundation for a much deeper specialization as a clinical psychiatrist, field-specific counsellor or a research analyst.

  1. Media, Publishing & Journalism

Due to its focus on communication, a humanities degree also provides students with an ideal base to kickstart a career as a journalist or editor. Furthermore, students with a more creative-inclined skill set can pursue a role as a Copywriter, Designer or even Strategist!

  1. Teaching

A Humanities major is taught the art of reading, writing and enunciating efficiently and effectively making them perfect to take up positions as an educator, informer or teacher.  A Humanities course serves as a foundation to build a career as a professional teacher at a school or university level.

  1. Public Relations Manager

Additionally, they also have an option to become a Public Relations manager – the one responsible for creating and maintaining a favourable public image of their client. Combining an understanding of human nature along with strong reading and writing skills is what they would learn and require to be PR Manager.

  1. Event Organiser

Skilled at organising and managing people? Even better at people relations? Then a role as an event organiser is perfectly suited for you! With a BA Humanities degree, you can put your communication skills to plan and organise corporate events, parties or even weddings!

And that’s not all. There are plenty more career opportunities waiting to be discovered for a Humanities major – many profiles and roles yet to be discovered! It’s important here to remember that human relations are constantly changing and the role of a human is thereby infinite.

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