The 5 to 9 MBA – at MAHE Dubai

Because an MBA helps working professionals to grow.

Work and education can go hand in hand and help you flourish. The MBA for Working Professionals at MAHE Dubai proves it time and again. Work during the day and after work, learn; you can get done both, in a single day!

Working professionals looking to amplify their career and knowledge, are now enrolling for our MBA for Working Professionals. They are ready to grow in their professional spaces and take on larger and more meaningful roles. Their need for a more holistic management view of their fields keeps increasing and  want to become capable leaders of tomorrow who can lead big and small teams towards challenging goals. They are the professionals who are willing to extend their day so that they will glean the knowledge they had missed out on, earlier.

Learn and earn.

The difference between the two is the ‘L’. L for love — for yourself. We believe if you love yourself and your dreams, you would go the extra mile to earn the coveted degree of an MBA. At MAHE Dubai, you can believe and achieve your dreams with our MBA degree. Moreover, the MBA classes are so planned that you need not miss work for the classes or miss classes for the work.

You earn and learn, both at the same time.

What does the MBA for Working Professional teach?

The program is a studied approach that is based on what the industry wants from working professionals – the skill sets, the management learning and training, the holistic view point, a training in leadership, effective communication, critical thinking, deep analysis, logic and reasoning and human behaviour. The program takes the classroom into the real world and gets the industry into the classroom. The interchange makes for a fantastic learning for the class.

The subjects taught here are the functional areas of specialization like marketing, finance and HR as well as the above core skills of management.

Unique highlights of the MBA for Working Professionals at MAHE Dubai

  • Evening programs in Engineering and Management
  • Unique, well balanced program that encompasses multiple facets of what is required to build “Leaders of Tomorrow”
  • Case-based and practical learning approach
  • In-built Coursera courses as part of the program
  • Opportunities to acquire global certifications from  and many more
  • Excellent networking opportunities with fellow industry counterparts that can open doors

An MBA tag to your name and in your resume can mean the difference between an ordinary career and an extraordinary one. Are you ready?