Meet Ayush Bhatia – The Youngest Student in the Middle East to clear the Financial Risk Management Programme

Ayush Bhatia, is a final year BBA student at the School of Business, MAHE Dubai. Ayush is the youngest in the gulf region to successfully clear the Financial Risk Management Programme. The FRM is a two-part exam known for its competitive edge in the finance world, challenging even for industry professionals, a feat achieved by Ayush with flying colours. The accomplishments do not end there for this finance whiz! Apart from this commendable achievement, Ayush also happens to be at the top of his class in his programme at the School of Business. He’s also well on his way to achieving his next goal as he prepares for the second level of the Chartered Financial Analyst programme.

His varied interests include reading literature and fiction, ranging from the works of Shakespeare to Ravi Subramanian, and listening to music, his favourite artists being Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. He also admitted a keen interest in literature and fiction, especially the works of Shakespeare, and current favourite of Ravi Subramanian.


But his passion, he revealed, is for all things finance, which was kick-started at an early age through dinner table chats with his family about economics and business. He acknowledged the immense role that his family has played in encouraging him towards his passion, as well as how winning the support of the faculty was instrumental to his success. He admits that though the months of being holed up with nothing but textbooks were taxing, the payoff is well worth it.

Especially when it opens up a world of opportunities that allow for him to pursue a path that he finds intellectually challenging, and a path that he hopes will further lead to a career in investment banking and financial entrepreneurship.
We’re proud of his accomplishment, and wish him the best for his future endeavours.