MAHE Dubai Presents an Exciting Course for Aspiring Photographers

Recently, MAHE Dubai launched a special three-month course designed to satisfy the needs of photography enthusiasts. This course offers an opportunity to budding photographers to learn from leading industry professionals as well as get certified by Nikon.

The course is thoughtfully designed to suit its short duration. It will include both, classroom lessons and outdoor practical exercises for a well-rounded learning experience. The eagerly-awaited course will be conducted by faculty from the School of Media and Communications, MAHE Dubai together with professional trainers from Nikon Middle East and Africa.

The Glittering Launch

The launch event was conducted by Nikon and GrandStores Digital in the presence of Dr. Percy Fernandez, Chairperson SoMc, Prof. Sivaprasad Nanda Kumar, Faculty of SoMC, and the Architect of the course. The event also featured esteemed guests like Mr. Narendra Menon, Managing Director of Nikon MEA, and Mr. Tarek Abdelrahman, General Manager – Customer Satisfaction and Service. Others in attendance were respected friends from GrandStores, Middle East, Mr. Shaji Shanmugam, Category Manager, Imaging Brands and Mr. Saeed Eliwat, Brand Manager, Nikon.  Honourable University Heads from MAHE-Dubai University, Mr. Niranjan Jayakumar, CEO, MAHE Dubai, MENA region, Dr. SV Kota Reddy, Academic President, Mr. Vinu Chakravarthy, Head of Admissions and Marketing, and Mr. Ganapati Hegde, Head of Finance graced the occasion. University heads from MAHE, Dubai,

“It’s a great pleasure and honour being here,” said Professor Sivaprasad Nanda Kumar.

“This is an opportunity given to the brand to work closely with young people,” said Mr. Narendra Menon. He also spoke about working closely with SoMC, MAHE-Dubai in the future for videography with Nikon.


Course Design- Practice makes a photographer perfect.

The course is designed in a way that suits student skill levels, objectives and the time they can spare for this course. Students have a choice of picking independent modules from the course, or all three modules together, depending on their existing skill levels. Each module will have four theory lessons as well as practical exercises that include photo walks and special events after college hours and on weekends.

Special Nikon DSLR offer: What’s even more exciting is the special offer from Nikon for students. Those without DSLR cameras can now purchase a DSLR camera kit and the three modules together at a special price.

With the launch of this course, MAHE Dubai is paving the way for a generation of photographers to document of the changing and evolving times and lives.