5 Careers in Data Science you should be aiming for.

How MAHE Dubai’s PG Diploma in Data Science can get you the right break.

Data Science is the field that is going to be a gold mine not just for marketers but for recruiters and students alike.

Data science, in the US alone will have 11.5 million job openings by 2026. In the UAE, data science is in big demand. Word’s out in the market is that the demand for data scientists is large enough to spark a shortage in the supply of data scientists. With the advent of technology, smart manufacturing, smart marketing and selling and smart-almost-everything, data science is the new writing on the career wall.

Who should go for a degree in data science?

If you have a passion for computers, math, and discovering answers through data analysis, then earning an advanced degree in data science might be your next step. All companies use data science or are in that phase of transition from legacy methods to new age tech and marketing methods using data science. Almost every top company we know, like Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, as well as other relatively lesser known companies, use data science to connect with their consumers and market their wares. That’s how consumers get the right things in their feed or see only certain ads which are of interest to them.

Data Science helps bring the marketer and the consumer closer in terms of needs and solutions. Not only that, data is used by farmers for efficient crop growth, storage, supply and delivery; it is used by food suppliers to optimize food production, distribution and cutting down on food waste, and by NGOs to boost fundraising efforts and predict funding needs. If data science is your thing, then the following will be of interest to you.

Data science offers several exciting and challenging careers. Below is a short list.

  • Data Scientist 

Job role: This is more of a technical role. It involves finding, locating, cleaning and organizing data for organizations. The main job of Data Scientists is to sift through and analyse copious amounts of data and information and detect patterns for driving strategies and decisions. Compared to data analysts, data scientist roles are far more technical.

  • Data Analyst 

Job role: More than collecting and organizing data, this job involves analysing the ready data to suit the desired analysis for companies. For many companies, this role can also include tracking web analytics and analysing A/B testing.


  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Job role: Designing and developing strategies to assist business users in quickly finding the information, applying intelligence for analysing the information and making better business decisions. They develop tools and applications to help in specific data analysis of their client needs.


  • Enterprise Architect 

Job role: An Enterprise Architect works to develop a holistic and detailed view of an organization’s strategy expressed through a 360-degree view of the information, processes and IT assets of the organization and how they interact with each other. The job requires excellent interaction and close working with top management, all stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME).

  • Data Architect 

Job role: Designing high-performance data solutions and analytics- applications for multiple platforms.



Other than the above, there are jobs on offer like that of a Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Statistician and more. With mobile apps hitting the roof, with smart tech coming in, AI becoming big, data science is going to stay in demand for a long time. While some of the roles may eventually be automated, the need for human intelligence in data science is here to stay.

MAHE Dubai’s PG Diploma in Data Science offers you the golden opportunity to learn Data Science and add a distinct edge to your career prospects. Dubai is a booming commercial hub this side of the world with many corporate giants actively present in the city. Data Science as a field has many takers making it one of the most popular programmes at MAHE Dubai.

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