PG Diploma in Event Management at MAHE Dubai

The recent covid-19 pandemic has shaken the core of world economies, and financial markets are experiencing high volatility. While this is one of the most discussed topics, we can all agree that every facet of human life has been impacted by this unprecedented global event. Unemployment rates have soared, leaving people in the workforce extremely uncertain and overwhelmed. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us out of our comfort zones and has allowed us to experiment with the “new normal”. For some people, WFH has been a blessing in disguise but, for others, it simply means re-inventing themselves and the work they do. Undoubtedly, one of the worst affected industries has been the event industry. In the past year, we have seen prominent events such as sporting events, exhibitions, private events, and music festivals all being canceled due to the restrictions imposed by governments across the world. Despite these cancellations and bans, event companies have recognized the sheer need for social interaction and have been forced to innovate ways in which they can bring us together. Thus, the trend of virtual events emerged and took over the entire events industry. From conferences to weddings and business events, nothing is ‘virtually impossible’ through online event software. At MAHE Dubai, we pride ourselves on keeping up with changing times and innovating as and when necessary. Hence, recognizing the trend of virtual events, we decided to launch a PG Diploma in Event Management last year.  

What is an Event Management Diploma? 

The program at MAHE Dubai allows students to acquaint themselves with different aspects of managing an event. These include theoretical, aesthetic, critical, and technological processes involved in the event management industry. Students who enroll in this course will have gained specialized knowledge in the field. It is structured in a way that it combines operational and creative fundamentals, from inception to debriefing.  

What are the benefits of an event management course? 

This course in events will give students a hands-on learning experience with event projects and an industry internship which is part of the scope of this program. Additionally, students will have the chance to meet and be mentored by experts in the industry in the cradle of events – Dubai. Lastly, this program is tailored to keep the students stay abreast with the latest trends in the industry.  

How long is the PG Diploma in event management course? 

The course in Dubai is a one-year-long program. Admissions to the program are open to graduates, working executives, and self-employed professionals with an undergrad degree in any discipline from a renowned university. In addition, adequate proficiency in English is a requirement for all programs.