Career Opportunities in Media and Communications

How MAHE Dubai prepares you for the best

Media and Communications attract thousands of students across the world. It is perhaps because ‘Media and Communications’ is a field that is a balance of arts and science. While on the one hand, it is about creative aspects like art, design, visual aesthetics, animation, and content; on the other, it is also a science with data and analytics taking center-stage.

The career scene for this industry, thus, has exploded, and there are a plethora of opportunities beckoning fresh graduates and postgraduates. In the UAE, job sites posted approximately 6000 + jobs per site, in the media and communication fields in August 2019 alone.

UAE is well placed when it comes to worldwide opportunities. MAHE-Dubai attracts companies from the world over to its campus. Our students, well exposed to international curriculum and companies, prove to be fitting suitors for international careers.

The best part about media and communication careers is the string of opportunities available in almost every industry – be it Engineering, Hospitality, Lifestyle, IT, B2C, B2B, and lots more. Jobs fall into typically the following areas:

  1. Social Media
  2. PR Jobs
  3. Corporate Communications Jobs
  4. Internal Communication Jobs
  5. Event Planning
  6. Teaching Jobs – University Jobs
  7. Media Planning Jobs
  8. Design & Arts Jobs
  9. Videography
  10. Animation Jobs
  11. Digital Media and Marketing Jobs
  12. Content Writing and Content Marketing
  13. Media Analyst
  14. Communication Analyst and Planning
  15. Communication Strategy

Each of the above areas also requires specific talent and additional skill sets along with the BA in Media and Communications from MAHE Dubai.

Our program is well structured and has the latest and best inputs a student needs to have. MAHE Dubai has well experienced faculty, state of the art production & post-production labs, and practical exposure through seminars, internships, along with corporate interfaces that give a real-world perspective to students. Apart from this, MAHE Dubai is the only academic partner in UAE with AVID, a certification that is industry recognized and helps attain the skills a professional needs to increase their value in the media industry. The school of  Media & Communications has also founded WOIS Film Festival (, an initiative that creates an opportunity to showcase, celebrate and nurture the art of filmmaking in the UAE.  The best is here at MAHE Dubai, and there’s more to look forward to with a Bachelors in Median & Communication.

Admissions are open for September 2020!

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