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MAHE Dubai is offering Evening Courses for BTech

Are you an evening person? Is BTech your passion and you want to pursue it but your daytime schedule is too tight? Do you want to get an engineering degree which would add spark to your professional life as well as create a reputation among your peers? Then this is the best chance you would ever come across. Evening courses, here at MAHE Dubai University, are the answer to all your questions.

Evening courses are a way to make time for the busy but ambitious people who are eager to evolve. Self-enrichment is something which we all long for in this competitive world. Personal growth is essential not only for your professional life but as well as for your mental happiness. That feeling of learning something new and actually making the day productive is indeed a bliss. It is believed that the information which enters our brain late in the evening, has high chances of retention, so obviously evening enlightenment is beautiful and beneficial, don’t you think?

MAHE Dubai is now allowing you to have a satisfactory learning experience when your mind is ready for hardcore exercise after the warmup that has been going on during the day.

Advantages of MAHE Dubai Evening course:

  • 3-year BTech program for Diploma Holders so you are assured that the evening program will be similar to the traditional ones
  • Offers specialization in the Civil and Mechanical field as we know both fields are always in demand and have an immense scope around the world
  • Flexible Class Timings so that you can finish off your work and get ready to dive into engineering
  • Dedicated Attention will be provided to you with quality learning and experience
  • Labs developed in partnership with industry leaders like Oracle, Nissan, Cisco and more
  • Coursera Benefit where a free subscription of Coursera is provided for the entire course duration

If that’s not enough, MAHE Dubai gives 100% assistance for placements and as well as provision of scholarships. Evening course gives you the opportunity to mingle with adult students who have more insights to share from their experiences. Evening courses. The biggest win-win situation for a working individual is that you get to learn and earn. Working as well as Learning is the best way to challenge yourself and overpower your limitations. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that at the end of the day you feel worthy enough to sleep with a satisfactory smile. So, burn your energy, earn your money and learn your passion!

These courses don’t limit to just working professionals or students but even homemakers who tend to their family needs throughout the day and can give some time to themselves in the evening. Evening Courses are an enjoyable and peaceful way to fulfill your dreams when your day isn’t allowing you to.

Henceforth, your evenings won’t be just to see a dream but to make it come true. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol today.